SPVs with HQ UK investments

Residential Property Investment Opportunities

Working With HQ UK Investments.

Aspire Business Connect work with our partners HQUK Investments to provide a variety of great opportunities that include properties as well as businesses.

With residential properties, our standard method is to create and ring-fencing mini portfolios into SPVs (special purpose vehicles) where we invest alongside other investors – and maybe you.


We create SPVs with multiple properties to spread risk and make it easier to manage. You will always be one of many investors in an SPV and there is no limit to how many you can invest in. We are always the lead JV partner, your risk is shared with us.


We group properties together to reduce maintenance, management costs and  risk. Each mini portfolio is packaged and ring-fenced into an SPV, then a share of this SPV is offered to our partners at preferential rates.


We buy through an SPV to take into account taxation and ease of use. The company owns the properties, you buy shares in the company. A simple way to get into the property business for both novice and experienced property owners.

Ready Investments – You Choose


  • Each month our partners at HQ UK Investments compile a set of 12 regional profiles of properties carefully selected from the open market. These are bundled into one (quite large as there are a few hundred properties) PDF for download. The focus is on a different city/area in each region every month and also provided is a variety of example calculations.
  • If any are of interest to you, please select something you might want to progress, or talk to us and we will consider (investigate) an investment along with you.
  • You are welcome to suggest a particular area for us to focus on in another month, just contact us with your suggestions.
  • Either use the contact form to enquire about any investment opportunity or phone/email using the details at the bottom of this page.

Each monthly document contains:

○ A foreword by our HQ UK Investments MD

○ A selection of 100s of properties, including example:

○ Market data and estimates

– Acquisition costs

– Ownership costs and income

– Business overview, including yield, ROI and capital gain.

– Links for more information

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