The BizMill Delivery Platform

How The Biz Mill Platform Works

Let’s take a look at some typical stages of a business.

LAUNCH – key players enter the stage

GROWTH – the business takes on a life if its own, all resources being managed

SHAKEOUT – as sales begin to level out, your team begins to seek more development

MATURITY – The business does not require strategic direction but seeks an exit or the key players look to reinvent or reposition by investing again. Along with this strategy comes new challenges and we are back at the launch stage again!

Right People In the Right Place

The BizMill works on the same principle as any modern business, the right people for the right job at the right stage of the business cycle.

You wouldn’t be expected to hire a full suite of directors, like a Marketing Director, a Sales Director or an IT Director if you had not sold a single item or service, so why should you take out a lease on a property, hire staff and increase your outgoings before you have even received any revenue?

As in all things, you most likely need different skill sets, different resources and different aspects at different stages of the business cycle.

HQ(UK) and its onshore and offshore resources work with The BizMill and excel at setting up a business by taking an idea and shaping it into a viable proposition, you could say HQ(UK) can incubate or hatch an idea, using staff directly employed by the business located in company owned offices operated by HQHUBS.

This is equivalent to your first set of hirers.

Improving the Chance of Success

Investors and lenders work closely with The BizMill as they can see the curated opportunity – we are not reinventing the wheel every single time, we are just lowering the risk to improve the chances of success.

One size does not fit all, although The BizMill uses systems and processes to break down every component to run a successful business, we also know you cannot expect your human resources to expand and contract with your business, unless you take advantage of The BizMill platform.

With The BizMill, continuity is key, for example, not retaining staff that are either under or overqualified for the role they are taking on.